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Why Invest In Us

Donate to Groundwire

Your gift to groundwire

Your gift gives social change organizations access to the technology and strategies they need to thrive in a digital world and leverage the amazing reach of the internet to build power for change.

A gift to Groundwire supports:

  • Groundwire Labsspeed geek

This is where the magic happens—technology and strategy innovation for social change.  Our innovation work has huge impact. Groundwire develops software and collaborates with peers to create technology tools we can then replicate and roll out to group after group after group, across the country and beyond!

  • Engagement Initiatives

What happens when an amazing group that’s poised to create amazing social change doesn’t have the money to invest in our services? Foundations can invest in Groundwire so we can provide engagement strategy and consulting specifically to their grantees.

What if we see potential for Groundwire's strategies and technologies to make a huge Dogwooddifference for a specific group of social change advocates? We are currently in the program development phase for our Engagement Initiatives, where we will leverage philanthropic investment to collaborate with audience-focused organizations and programs to test and quantify engagement tactics with their specific audiences. Read more about our Engagement Initiatives.

  • Community Education

From our popular reports on web stats and email service providers, to our knowledge share events, to our Engagement Benchmarking Survey to our newsletter and blog, Groundwire is always working to give social change organizations the resources and information they need to be make smart decisions about their engagement work.

Thank You

To our donors—we can't thank you enough. Your generosity makes our work, and the work of hundreds of groups, a reality.