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David Glick

Posted by Kelley Bevans at Sep 01, 2009 |

David Glick

David Glick

Web Developer

Despite being raised on the outskirts of Amish country, David began playing with technology around age 7 and hasn't stopped.  He came to Groundwire as a Mennonite volunteer and stuck around because he couldn't bear the thought of returning to Midwestern winters.  David divides his time between implementing websites in Plone, keeping the servers running, and developing new tools for Groundwire Labs. He is a Plone core developer and a member of the Plone security team and the Plone roadmap team, and served as a technical reviewer of Martin Aspeli's much-loved book on Plone development.

Before coming to Groundwire, David worked on content management software in that programming language whose name we won't mention at, and digital signage management software at RedPost, while finishing off his physics degree at Goshen College.

phone: 206.286.1235 x32 | email davidglick (at)


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