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Kelley Bevans

Posted by Kelley Bevans at Sep 01, 2009 |

Kelley Bevans

Kelley Bevans

Project Manager

From intake through launch, Kelley manages website projects for Groundwire. Kelley came to Groundwire in 2006 after working more than seven years in the decision-analysis software industry, where she focused on web integration and IT project management. Previously in pursuit of a PhD in political science, she atoned for not finishing her dissertation at New York University by working as a volunteer for the Washington State Howard Dean campaign and now continues her progressive political activism in her community, in Washington State, and online on a variety of local blogs.

Kelley enjoys flexing her Manhattan-honed bicycling skills in downtown Seattle.

phone: 206.286.1235 x26 | email kelley (at)

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