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Matt Yoder

Posted by Sara Freedman at Oct 02, 2009 |

Matt Yoder

Web Developer

Since childhood, Matt could never decide whether to become an artist or a geek. So he compromised and became a "middle-end" web developer, working in the places where geeky back-end meets the elegant front-end. He specializes in platform integration, data manipulation and visualization.

According to Facebook, Matt is currently married to both Python and CSS and describes his relationship with Javascript and XML as "it's complicated."  He enjoys developing for the Plone content management system and is liable to try to integrate it with anything that has a RESTful API.

Matt joins the web team after a year of volunteering at Groundwire through the Mennonite Voluntary Service program.

phone: 206.286.1235 x17 | email mattyoder (at)

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