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Sam Knox

Posted by Kelley Bevans at Sep 02, 2009 |

Sam Knox

Sam Knox

CRM Consultant

Sam began his career at Groundwire as a volunteer in December 2005, then became a work-study student and finally a regular staff member in 2008. He has extensively documented many of the online tools used by Groundwire and our clients including the Plone Content Management System and Salesforce. He is now focused on delivering the Email Broadcasting consulting program and Salesforce consulting for Groundwire in addition to training, web analytics consulting, content strategy and related projects.

Sam holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington's Program on the Environment, now known simply as the College of the Environment. He also holds a Certificate in Restoration Ecology, which makes him a certified plant nerd (in addition to being a technology nerd).

Sam enjoys his home in West Seattle with his family, three cats, and seven chickens.

phone: 206.286.1235 x21 | email sam (at)

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