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  • Auctions for Salesforce Auctions for Salesforce helps you manage the details related to running successful fundraiser auctions.ericm2012-02-22T23:30:00ZAppCampaign Combiner Campaign Combiner is a Visualforce page that allows users to add campaign members from multiple campaigns into a target campaign, or exclude members who belong to multiple campaigns.ericm2012-03-01T20:02:44ZAppEventbrite Sync Import the your event ticket buyer and attendee information into Salesforce.ericm2012-02-22T23:12:00ZAppGroundwire Base Groundwire Base adds to Salesfoce a robust collection of features designed specifically for nonprofits.ericm2012-03-01T20:02:49ZAppGroundwire Engage Engage the people who matter most.ericm2012-02-14T21:36:00ZAppVolunteers for Salesforce Volunteers for Salesforce helps you manage your organization’s volunteer events and individuals.ericm2012-02-21T23:31:00ZApp