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Eventbrite Sync

Import the your event ticket buyer and attendee information into Salesforce.


Why don't I get an option to Create Contacts & Opportunities?

It is not currently possible to import attendee information and create Opportunity records representing payments if individual contact information was also received for multiple attendees in the same order. This limitation is a result of Eventbrite’s current API; when providing data for multiple attendees, it does not provide distinct information for the order placer, which makes it impossible to create an accurate Opportunity record. We expect in the future Eventbrite will make changes that allow Eventbrite Sync to accurately create Opportunities for purchases.

Please see page 5 of the User's Guide for more information.

Does Eventbrite Sync work with Nonprofit Starter Pack's 1-to-1 model?

If you are using the Nonprofit Starter Pack and 1-to-1 model then creating Opportunities may not work as expected. The app does not pass an account ID that is required to associate an Opportunity to an Account.

Why don't I see the Campaign I want to add people to?

There is a limit to the number of Campaigns displayed. We plan to add features in the future to more flexibly expand and filter the Campaign list. For now, if you have a Campaign you want to show up in the list you can edit and save it. The list you see in Eventbrite Sync is the 100 most recently changed Campaigns so your recently edited Campaign should now show up at the top of the list.

Is Eventbrite Sync compatible with DupeCatcher?

We believe Eventbrite Sync may error when importing certain contacts when DupeCatcher is running on the same instance.

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