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Groundwire Base

Groundwire Base adds to Salesfoce a robust collection of features designed specifically for nonprofits.

Groundwire Base adds to Salesforce a robust collection of donor management features designed specifically for nonprofits.


In the world of fundraising and membership management, you need to functionality to help you easily caretake each donor with comprehensive data you can trust.

Top Features

  • Adds critical donor management features to Salesforce
  • Improves Salesforce in ways important to nonprofit staff
  • Adds features for organizations who track membership

Donor Management Features

Automated Householding

Supporters can figure out quickly if you really know and care about them. Make sure you don’t send them same ask to one house. Householding lets you list all names associated with one address so you avoid sending more than one communication to each house.

Automated Donor Totals

Staff members from all over your organization are looking at the same contact records. Make sure they see a supporter’s last three years of giving history instantly so they can act accordingly with each engagement activity. When Opportunities that qualify as gifts are made, you can see the last 3 years of giving history on the Contact record with Groundwire Base.

Tracking Donations by Campaign

You want to quickly see what kind of campaigns donors are interested in. With Groundwire Base, Contacts who make a gift related to a Campaign are automatically recorded as Donors on that Campaign. This makes it much easier to see who donated to a Campaign, and easier to create thank you lists.

Installment Payments

Gifts and Grants can come in the form of multiple payments over a period of time. This allows you to record a Gift or Grant and then break out the expected payments. This addresses the problem of having to account for when a gift is promised and when the payments come in.

New Opportunity Wizard

Shortcuts the process of creating new donations and pledges so staff can focus on build relationships not managing data.

General Improvement Features

Automatic Catch-All Organization

Salesforce thinks of people as connected to some organization or another because it was developed primarily as a business-to-business (B2B) platform. However in community organizing, not everyone is connected to or defined by an organization they work for or are affiliated with. Groundwire has developed a great feature to handle this.

Campaign Combiner

The Campaign Combiner allows you to add campaign members from multiple campaigns into a target campaign, or exclude members who belong to multiple campaigns.

  • Easily merge campaign members into new campaigns
  • Create new campaigns of member intersection between multiple campaigns
  • Include or exclude members based on status field

Primary Contacts for Organizations

Organizations often have many employees. Do you always know who the right person to call is? By flagging one as Primary, you are letting your database Users know whom to contact first. This also helps in Reporting, making it easier to run a report of Organizations and their Primary Contact to see a high-level listing of who's who in your network.

Lead Conversion Wizard

Leads need to be checked to avoid lots of duplicate Contacts in your system. The standard Lead Conversion functionality in Salesforce is hard to use. The Lead Conversion Wizard makes this faster and easier, as well as enforcing your data standards.


Advanced Membership Management

If you track Memberships for your supporters, this functionality will simplify your renewal processes, give you easy to obtain member reports, and help you to generate key Membership program metrics.


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