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Megaphone combines letter-writing campaign functionality with petition-signing to deliver a powerful set of advocacy features to your Plone website.

With Megaphone installed on your Plone website you can quickly and easily launch new advocacy campaigns with no additional cost.

Top Features

  • Visitors can sign a petition on your website
  • Visitors can write letters and have them delivered to decision-makers all from your website
  • Visitors can be automatically matched to appropriate legislative decisionmakers via the Cicero API
  • Information about visitors' actions can be recorded to your Salesforce database

Online Petitions

With Megaphone, visitors can sign a petition on your website. You set up the petition and customize the form each petitioner is asked to complete. Each person who signs the petition is then automatically thanked with a customized email from you.

Megaphone can display the total number of signatures your petition has collected. You can show this on any page of your website, along with the number of recent signers.

Letters to Decision-makers

Megaphone also allows you to target decision-makers (CEOs, ambassadors, mayors, city council members) to receive email letters directly from your constituents.

With Megaphone, you can easily set up a campaign using the wizard in PloneFormGen. Send out the campaign to your people via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. After your supporters fill out the campaign form online,  Megaphone will send each completed letter directly to the decision-maker you target.

Each letter writer and petition signer will automatically receive a customizable thank-you email from you.

Save Activist Data to Salesforce

Megaphone lets you capture letter-writer and petition-signer data directly into your CRM system, so that you can deepen your engagement with your new supporters.  If you don't have Salesforce, no worries; Megaphone also stores petition data locally, and you can easily download it in CSV or Excel format for import into the database system of your choice.  If you've got some coding skills, and a CRM database that has a web services API, you can write additional "data adapters" to import Megaphone data to your database.

Megaphone in Action

The best way to see Megaphone in action is to play around a bit on our Megaphone Demo Site.

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