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Volunteers for Salesforce

Volunteers for Salesforce helps you manage your organization’s volunteer events and individuals.

Volunteers for Salesforce provides the tools to manage your volunteer program.  You are able to track who your volunteers are and the hours they have worked, all of your volunteer jobs, both ongoing, and for a specific event, and shifts for specific jobs.  Volunteers for Salesforce also provides several Sites pages that you can host in your website to allow people to tell you they want to be a volunteer, or to actually signup for a specific job (and shift).

The app is designed to work well for most organization's volunteer programs. Check out the following feature list to determine whether it will work well for you.

Volunteer Jobs & Shifts

Track the volunteer jobs and, optionally, shifts your organization needs filled. Jobs are associated with a Campaign in Salesforce and track information such as the skills needed and location. Shifts are available for each job to track who is scheduled to volunteer for a given period of time.

Volunteer Time Recording

Track the hours your volunteers work to make recognition and end-of-year reporting a simple task. Volunteer hours are tracked along with jobs and shifts for specific events or on an ongoing basis then summarized on your volunteer’s contact records.

Website Integration

General volunteer signup, jobs & shifts listings with signup, and a shift calendar are all available for integration into your website. Information about your volunteer positions are dynamically updated and signup information is put right into your Salesforce database with no extra work from you.

Mass Email Volunteers

Stay in touch with your volunteers with built-in ability to mass email. This feature makes it easy to send all the volunteers on a specific job or shift directions, waiver forms or to thank them for participating.

Recurring Volunteers

For cases where your volunteer positions repeat there is functionality to make management of those positions easy.

Language Localization

Provide your non-English speaking volunteers with signup forms in their language using our language localization feature. You can not only offer fully localizable web forms, but also fully localizable Salesforce pages for your volunteer coordinators. Includes French translation.

Customizable to Meet Specific Program Needs

Not only can you add as many fields as you need to the app to support you program you can incorporate those fields into the website integration and management screens. This capability is made possible using Salesforce Field Sets.


See the app in action in this video:

Last night we had more than 100 volunteers who helped us deliver on our promise of elementary-age "math like you've never seen it before." Having Volunteers for Salesforce was a big step in the right direction for our small non-profit. So thanks again!  
C. Ryan, Explorations in Math

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