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Volunteers for Salesforce

Volunteers for Salesforce helps you manage your organization’s volunteer events and individuals.

Release Notes

Version 2.20

  • Released on the AppExchange on 7/31/2012.
  • Added document JobCalendarCSS.css to the managed package, to allow customizing of styles in the JobCalendar web page.
  • Fix to handle Volunteer signup names with quotes in them.
  • Support signing multiple people up repetitively from the VolunteersJobListingFS web page.  The page used to assume it was always the same contact.
  • VolunteersJobListingFS web page now positions the signup dialog relative to the mouse, rather than in the center of the logical page.  This will work better on long listing pages.
  • Mass Email Volunteers enhancements:
    • Better error handling and reporting on the page.  It will now send to those it can, and report back which failed and how many succeeded.
    • Now available on a Volunteer Campaign, allowing you to email all volunteers across multiple jobs and shifts at once.  Note that you will need to add the Mass Email Volunteers button to your Volunteer Campaign page layout.  See the latest installation guide for steps on how to do this.
    • New checkbox to only include contacts once when emailing.  This checkbox will allow you to email each contact once per job & shift, thus allowing you to provide job & shift information in the email template, or just once per campaign, for more general emailing purposes.

Version 2.18

  • Released on the AppExchange on 5/15/2012.
  • Job Calendar page controller now exposes all methods and properties as Global, to allow using it with your own version of the Job Calendar page.
  • Provides a useful error message if Mass Email Volunteers hits an error if Track Activities is not enabled on Volunteer Jobs and Volunteer Shifts.
  • Volunteer Job Listing web pages now sort the Jobs in order of the earliest current shift.  (Previously, it was the earliest shift ever).
  • Fix in the Job Calendar web page to correctly construct the URL to the Job Detail page when a Sites suffix is used.

Version 2.16

  • Released on the AppExchange on 3/19/2012.
  • fix to web usage of Job Calendar to hide jobs not marked Display On Web.
  • updated links to documentation on About tab.

Version 2.14.1

  • Released on the AppExchange on 2/13/2012.
  • several test case fixes for Spring '12 release

Version 2.14

  • Released to the AppExchange on 12/10/2011.
  • Fixes campaign filtering on the Job Shift Calendar page, if you are trying to host it on your website.
  • Updated the Volunteers Dashboard, and several reports it uses, to correctly report number of volunteers and hours, and unique volunteers.

Version 2.11

  • Released to the AppExchange on 11/29/2011.
  • New tab, Shift Calendar, which displays all shifts on a calendar from the specified Campaign(s) and Job(s).
  • New report, Volunteer Roster, which shows you all volunteers for the given campaign, job, and shift.
  • 3 new custom buttons called "Volunteer Roster", which you can add to the Volunteer Campaign Layout, Volunteer Job Layout, and Volunteer Shift Layout, to allow you to open the Volunteer Roster report prefiltered.
  • Shift Calendar can also be displayed on your website and used for shift signup, by using the JobCalendar visualforce page. See full details in the intallation guide.
  • Changed Shift's Number of Volunteers Still Needed field to return null if the Desired Number of Volunteers field is null. If you have copied an older version of the pages VolunteersJobListing or VolunteersJobListingFS, you will want to change the rendered expressions on the Signup Link and Full label, to handle null. Look at the new version of these two pages for the correct syntax.
  • Volunteers Wizard now supports specifying the new start date for the first shift you are cloning from, and all subsequent shifts will be offset by the same number of days. This allows you to clone a weekly or monthly volunteer campaign every week or month, and have all the shifts correctly assigned to the days of the week or month.
  • Volunteers Wizard now supports copying all Volunteer Hours from an existing campaign, allowing you to copy over the same set of volunteers on a regular basis. You can copy them with the same status, or provide an override status.
  • VolunteersJobListing and VolunteersJobListingFS web pages no longer display shifts that are more than an hour out of date. Also, if the job only has old shifts, it won't be displayed.
  • Mass Email Volunteers page now provides links to View Templates and Edit Template.
  • Contact's have a new formula field, Volunteer Unique Count, which is used by the new report "Unique Volunteers", which gives you the count of unique volunteers by campaign and job.

Version 1.54

  • Released to the AppExchange on 10/13/2011.
  • fix to date formatting on VolunteersJobListing and VolunteersJobListingFS web pages.
  • added support to honor the required checkbox in Field Sets on pages VolunteersSignupFS, VolunteersJobListingFS, and Volunteers Wizard.

Version 1.52

  • Released to the AppExchange on 10/3/2011.
  • modified the Volunteer Job page layout to make more room for editing the Job Description and Location Information rich text fields.
  • Changed the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page to limit the picklist of Volunteer Campaigns to the most recent 1000 volunteer campaigns marked Active, to avoid hitting Salesforce collection limits.
  • Changed the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page to mark records as modified when they receive focus, rather than when an onchange event occurs. This is to solve the problem that a single edit on a row, where the user clicks directly on the Save button, might not have time to mark the record modified before the Save occurs.
  • Changed the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page to show hours from all shifts if you don't specify a specific shift, thus allowing one to see all the volunteers for a job at once.
  • Fix to handle the custom setting Signup_Bucket_Account_On_Create not existing.
  • Added a better help tooltip to Shift's Total Volunteers field, to say it is a system field and should not be edited.
  • Added a section for System Fields - Do Not Edit to the Shift layout page, that only displays in Edit mode.
  • Localization is now supported, and a French language translation is provided.
  • New version of the Volunteers Signup page, VolunteersSignupFS, that uses field sets to allow customization, supports localization, and support file uploads. Please refer to the latest installation guide for details.
  • New version of the Volunteers Job Listing page, VolunteersJobListingFS, that uses field sets to allow customization of the fields displayed on the signup dialog. This page also now supports localization and date and time formatting, and file uploads. Please refer to the latest installation guide for details.
  • Added a Volunteer Organization text field to contact, to use on the VolunteersSignupFS and VolunteersJobListingFS pages, rather than trying to overload the Contact Department field as a placeholder for Account.
  • Added a Volunteer Last Web Signup Date field to Contact, and changed our Contact Workflow Rule Volunteer Signup - Contact to fire when this field changes, rather than firing off of the Volunteer Status field being set to "New Web Signup". This allows subsequent updates by the user from the web to refire the workflow (to send notifications and thank yous). If you are upgrading from a previous version, you must update the workflow rule manually. Set the rule criteria to be
OR(ISCHANGED( GW_Volunteers__Volunteer_Last_Web_Signup_Date__c ), AND(ISNEW(), NOT(ISNULL(GW_Volunteers__Volunteer_Last_Web_Signup_Date__c ))))
  • For consistency, added the value "Web Sign Up" to the Volunteer Hours Status picklist field, since our web forms will set this value.
  • The Volunteers Wizard page now supports localization and field sets to control which fields from the Campaign should be displayed on the form. The wizard also now copies over all custom fields on Jobs and Shifts, when cloning from an existing Volunteers Campaign.
  • The Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page now supports localization and field sets to control which fields from Volunteer Hours should be displayed on the page.
  • Added a new visualforce page for sending email to all the volunteers on a job or shift. There is a "Mass Email Volunteers" button that now displays on the Volunteer Job's detail page, and the Volunteer Shift's detail page. If you are upgrading Volunteers for Salesforce, you will need to use the page layout editor to add these buttons to these two pages. If you are upgrading, you will also need to explicitly check the Track Activities property for Volunteer Jobs and Volunteer Shifts. See the installation guide for details.
  • Added several formula fields on Volunteer Shifts that reference the address fields on Volunteer Jobs. This allows the email template to include address information for a Job when using Mass Email Volunteers from a Shift.
  • Version 1.12

    • released to the AppExchange on 5/6/2011.
    • Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page now sorts by contact's lastname.
    • Lead Volunteer Status field now defaults to null, so we don't inadvertently think any new lead is a volunteer.
    • 2 test case fixes for when the style sheets don't exist in the Volunteer Documents folder in the Documents tab. (This can happen if you burn a sandbox from an instance that has Volunteers installed).

    Version 1.11

    • first version publicly available on the AppExchange!
    • released 4/20/2011
    • in visualforce pages for VolunteersJobListing? and VolunteersSignup?, we now specify standardStylesheets="false" in the header tag, to make the overall file size smaller.
    • updated the default css in VolunteersJobListingCSS.css to override the default jQueryUI styles that were making the popup dialog look too large now that we are not including the standard Salesforce style sheets.
    • fixed problem in VolunteersJobListing where the first signup link would not work correctly, if ShowDescription=0 was specified.
    • Contact's Volunteer Hours field now only includes Hours with Status="Completed".
    • Volunteer Hour's field Total Hours Worked now only returns a value if status="Completed".
    • better default css for the JobListing? web page
    • displaying shift as "date start time - end time" in JobListing web page
    • wider popup dialog in JobListing? web page
    • message if no jobs found, in the JobListing? web page

    Version 1.10

    • in Salesforce Security review
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