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May 23 2012

2012 Speed Geek Video!

Missed this year's Speed Geek? Catch up with all 8 presentations on Engagement Pyramid, Engagement Superpower, Auctions for Salesforce, Eventbrite Sync, Megaphone, and much more.

We had a Speed Geek in April and our partners and friends shared five-minute presentations showcasing our cool engagement strategy and technology. If you didn't make it, no worries, you can watch them all right now. Make yourself a Barbed Wire (official Speed Geek drink this year, vodka and rhubarb) and settle in:

Dying to see a real-life Groundwire Engagement Pyramid? Matt Takach for Dogwood Initiative shows you.

Weather and Tides Engagement Superpower! Even the name is cool. Here's former Groundwire Strategist Jon Stahl.

I wish my Eventbrite online registration data could link to my Salesforce database. Oh wait, it can! Social Venture Partners' Willow Russell demos Eventbrite Sync.

Transportation Choices Coalition's Shefali Ranganathan shares embedding petitions on a partner's website and tracking the source of the petition signer with Megaphone.

The gamification of measuring energy use, with Groundwire's gamemaster, Evan Callahan.

Auctions for Salesforce, it's not just for environmental groups: Caroline Renard on behalf of Kirkland Arts Center gives us a demo.

Time and project tracking painful? It doesn't have to be! Groundwire's Ryan Foster shows what he did for Interaction Institute for Social Change.

Yeah, a lot of donor bases keep track of stuff. But do they have the magic of Campaigns? David Gorton from Washington Environmental Council shares his love for Salesforce Fundraising Management.

Thanks so much to our wonderful speakers and all who participated. See you next year!