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September 22 2010

Event Registration Made Easy and Useful

With the Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce, you can manage your event with Eventbrite and then seamlessly capture all of that critical supporter information in Salesforce.
Event Registration Made Easy and Useful

So shiny.

Partnerships for good

Many of you know that here at Groundwire we do social change strategy for environmental organizations, along with building websites and Salesforce.com databases. Another big thing we do that you might not know about is form partnerships with other awesome online services (Eventbrite!) and other awesome developers (eFactory!) that help the groups we work with do their work even better.

Eventbrite is a great online events site where groups can set up event registration for fundraisers, house parties, work parties, classes, you name it.  Eventbrite manages the event online including registration, confirmation email, directions, and secure payment. It’s easy for groups to set up an event and easy for participants to register for events using the site. (Did we say "easy?" It's just all real easy.)

We wanted to make sure all of that important information being put into Eventbrite was being captured in our groups’ Salesforce.com databases. Every single day we wax on in some form or another about the Engagement Pyramid, and one of the essential principles of the Pyramid is that groups must collect and track each and every communication with their supporters for better relationship building.

Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce

We looked around and turns out a company called eFactory had already developed a free application to connect Eventbrite and Salesforce.com, called (oddly enough) Eventbrite Connector.  W00t! The first version of Eventbrite Connector only imported names, though, and we wanted it to do a lot more.

We contacted eFactory and offered to fund an enhancement to the Eventbrite Connector tool. They were excited about it and eFactory developers worked with the Groundwire Labs team to come up with a new version that works much better for the nonprofits we work with.

So for example, we are hosting our 15th Anniversary Celebration on October 14. Our Director of Development set up an event page for the celebration on Eventbrite, and as people RSVP, all this good information about our favorite people gets sucked into a Salesforce.com Campaign set up for the event. Our Director of Development can use Salesforce.com to get a detailed historical view of each attendee, how much they have paid, and she can run reports to help her plan the event.

Lots of things to do:


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