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April 18 2012

Introducing Groundwire and Groundwire Consulting, Inc.

Groundwire is now Groundwire and Groundwire Consulting, Inc.

These are exciting times. Going green is no longer just for a small fringe group. Moms and dads everywhere care about what they are putting on, in and around their families. People are becoming interested in energy-saving (and money-saving) households. Friends who you never would have expected are coming into stores with cloth bags and taking mass transit.

At Groundwire we have been working hard over the last 17 years to power this shift, helping nonprofit organizations educate and engage people to support thriving communities and a healthy planet. Over the past few years, it became clear that we would be able to serve even more organizations – across all sectors – with a for-profit subsidiary. So we recently launched Groundwire Consulting, the for-profit arm of Groundwire, and are thrilled to work closely with nonprofit organizations, government entities and mission-driven businesses supporting an engaged public with a strong voice.

Groundwire Consulting

Groundwire Consulting is a mission-driven B Corp and will continue to offer many of the consulting services we offered as Groundwire.org:

Engagement Strategy Consulting

Develop your theory of change, how it relates to your target audience, determine engagement levels for people to plug in and move up your engagement pyramid, and measure your progress.

Technical discovery

Fundraising, grant tracking, engagement data, organizing processes, communications flow, event tracking, action tracking, etc. We help determine what you need, tell you what it will cost to build and match what you need with your budget.


Implementation of tech tools like a Salesforce database, a new website, and integration with email and social media services to integrate your engagement strategy to create the change you want to see.

Please visit the new Groundwire Consulting website to learn more about engagement services and technology.
(Groundwire Consulting profits will be re-invested in Groundwire the nonprofit, tax free, as dividends. There are no outside shareholders so profits will always be invested in strengthening organizations and advancing our nonprofit work.)


Groundwire (the parent nonprofit) will continue to provide engagement strategy and technology consulting to the grantees of foundations that award us grants for that purpose. Groundwire will also continue to focus on engagement technology innovation. And we will invest in partnerships and engagement initiatives that we believe are strategic for achieving our mission.

Please check out these FAQs for more information. This is an exciting social enterprise business model and we’re proud to be contributing knowledge, skills, and experience to other organizations looking to implement this model. We think this is the future of social change in our country and a quicker path to a healthy planet.