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September 18 2012

New Product Release: Groundwire Engage™

Groundwire's latest innovation helps nonprofits turn passive supporters into advocates and donors.

For Immediate Release

SEATTLE, Wash. – September 18, 2012 – Today, Seattle-based technology consulting firm Groundwire Consulting announced the launch of Groundwire Engage, an engagement tool that delivers measurement and analysis for nonprofits that want to move constituents into higher levels of involvement in their mission. Though industry trends urge nonprofits towards online engagement, such as building social media followings, there are no products on the market comparable to Groundwire Engage to help nonprofits turn shallow relationships into leadership and advocacy for a nonprofit’s mission.

What Groundwire Engage Delivers

The product is centered on a Strategy Guide that provides the roadmap for creating an organization’s engagement model. It consolidates information on donations, advocacy campaigns, volunteering, event attendance, board participation, among many other types of data, and translates the data into analytics that help a nonprofit identify opportunities for moving a constituent into a higher level of participation and engagement. Groundwire Engage also comes with Gratitude Machine, which simplifies the process of recognizing and motivating key supporters to keep them active.

Nonprofit organizations can get started at www.gwengage.com.

Unique Product Features

  • Always up to date on latest supporter activities
  • Fully integrated with campaign, contact, and opportunity records in your database
  • Designed for simple list segmentation
  • Highly customizable to fit your engagement goals and data conventions
  • Built around a proven model of engagement strategy
  • Based on Salesforce.com, the cloud platform used by 140,000+ companies worldwide

About Groundwire

Groundwire and Groundwire Consulting provide technology solutions and consultation to nonprofits and mission-minded businesses — giving them the power to engage people and solve today’s biggest social and environmental challenges.


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