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October 10 2012

Recap: 2012 Connector Award Event

Check out the highlights of our annual Connector Award Event.

Last night we held our second annual Connector Award Event. We started this tradition to bring recognition to organizations that excelled at the engagement strategies and theories we work on at Groundwire.

This year, we presented the Connector Award to the San Francisco-based organization Alliance for Climate Education (ACE). ACE has made groundbreaking progress in engaging thousands of teens all over America in climate science, global warming and environmentalism. Using a multi-tiered model similar to the engagement pyramid, ACE engages its youth by involving them in small projects (called DOT, which stands for Do One Thing) and moving them up the engagement pyramid with larger and more encompassing responsibilities and activities.

Groundwire Board President Steve Muran with Groundwire's Director of Project Management Ron Douglas.

Here are some great quotes from the evening:

"Groundwire has come from a long history of inspired visions and realized dreams. Now is another moment of reinvention. Now is the start of a new chapter."
-President of Groundwire's Board of Directors Steve Muran, in his speech kicking off the night

"This is a truly exciting time – to be an activist, to be young, to be alive."
-Keynote speaker Erica Williams, Washington D.C. based activist and political commentator

Keynote speaker Erica Williams talking about the importance of engaging young people in social change movements.

"So as you heard in the video, I originally came to Groundwire as a client. And then they moved me right up that engagement pyramid and now I’m standing before you tonight at the very top of that pyramid!"
-Wendy Cho Ripp, former Groundwire client and now on Groundwire's Board of Directors

"[In the beginning] me and everyone else here sort of spent our time traveling around visiting people's offices, unpacking boxes of computers, arranging for donated software from Microsoft, which was possible but not easy to get then, and basically physically getting people connected to the Internet.  That was something that we couldn't take for granted then, and quite frankly not everyone was completely convinced it was a good idea." (laughs)
-Jon Stahl, long-time former staffer in the event video about Groundwire

"One of the things that we often say is that an investment in Groundwire is an investment that raises all boats."
-Groundwire's Director of Client Strategy Karen Uffelman, in the event video

"One of the challenges for an organization in this day and age with all the emerging technology, is figuring out what you need, versus what's icing on the cake... Groundwire provided that voice. Saying things like, 'you should thinking about mobile.' Those are things that can be challenging but in the long run are great, about having a consulting partner that cares about your long term goals."
-Lauren Braden, Communications & Outreach Director at Washington Trails Association in the event video

Left to Right: Poet Emily Warn, Groundwire Board Vice-Chair Joneil Custodio, and Sinae Cheh.

Don't forget to join us next year for 2013 Connector Award Event!