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March 12 2012

Seth Godin on Going Viral

Olive Garden review, Kony video, Dollar Shave Club and Stop Stealing Dreams
Seth Godin on Going Viral

I'm no Vanderbilt.

Over the weekend, Seth Godin wrote a great post on going viral.

With the nonprofit Kony video the fastest-spreading internet video of all time, nonprofit communications staff are paying attention.

But Godin gives this caution: "The most important takeaway is that this overwhelming pop is unlikely to ever happen this way again... .I have no doubt that the success of the video will lead many organizations astray in the naive belief that they can emulate this one. If a non-profit board decides to spend precious resources on a video hoping it will change the world in three days, I think they're misguided."

Maybe more interesting to your work is the Dollar Shave Club example—a planned campaign with this hilarious "Old Spice" type video, so funny. ("Your handsome-a$$ grandfather had one blade. And polio. Looking good, pop-pop!").

Also, if you get a chance, read the review of the Olive Garden coming to Grand Forks, North Dakota. People can't believe this 80+ reviewer gave the OG a good review, but the humbleness of it just makes us happy.