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Social Media 2000-2009: A Retrospect

Posted by Sara Freedman at Dec 28, 2009 |
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From Friendster to Facebook, were The Naughty Aughties the beginning of a little TMI?

Social Media 2000-2009: A Retrospect

2000: Meet me for drinks at 5pm. Call and leave a message on my home phone if plans change (boss will freak if cell phone is used for personal calls). In other news: wondering who really is "looking for me" on

2001: Meet me for drinks at 5pm. Call my cell if plans change. In other news, Sex and The City bulletin-boarding: Don’t. Marry. Aidan.

2002:  John Fox: Get a cell phone and join us here on Earth. (And a home computer. I have no place to send you this Evite.)

2003: Friendster is a little bit Creepster. (And Mom: quit filling out profiles for me on
2004: Politicians and bloggers make the relationship official and so does Merriam-Webster. In other news: there will NEVER be anything cooler than this pink iPod mini! It’s soooooo little and holds 1000 songs! (Mom: quit filling out profiles for me on

2005: Text me later and maybe we’ll meet up for a drink.  MySpace? Sorry! Not in high school or a rock band. LinkedIn?  Do I look like I read Forbes?

2006: My “I’m only buying pre-used items and eating locally-grown food for a year!” blog debuts on (Note: three entries total.)

2007: I don’t care if a Hotmail address looks dated on my resume. All my friends know how to find me here! All of my e-newsletters and e-announcements and e-banking statements and e-notifications come here! I am NOT switching to Gmail. In other news: spent an hour today creating a Simpsons Avatar to iChat with all of the other Simpsons Avatars at work.

2008: It’s the Xbox or me. In other news, I can’t believe you are still using Hotmail! Gmail is sooooo awesome! Also, built an online portfolio of my work that I never update. Also, accepting every single friend request on Facebook, including people I've never met, current and former bosses, tech-savvy aunts, grade-school bullies (this will all have to be undone in 2009). Obama just texted “Joe Biden” to my phone. Speaking of phone -- BlackBerry or iPhone?

2009: Drinks? Maybe next week. Staying in tonight and catching up on 1,500 “filtered” news items on Google Reader and Twitter; watching YouTube videos of BFF’s 3-year-old air-drumming to Wilco; also blocking a Flip Video lip dub to Yacht Rock starring my officemates; watching 30 Rock on Hulu and downloading free movies; secretly watching kittens do stupid things; checking free Plenty-of-Fish profile (thanks for the link, Mom); composing a week’s worth of Facebook status updates that say I’m-socially-and–politically-on-top-of-it-but-not-quite-forty while simultaneously complaining about the new privacy settings; watching everything Zach Galifianakis put out this year on Funny or Die. I’m on Skype, ping me if you need to.

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Friendster a little creepster

Posted by Chuck Renard at Jan 02, 2010 09:31 AM
A funny retrospective that captures a decade. Le plus ca change, le plus c'est meme chose.

no farmville?

Posted by aw at Jan 07, 2010 10:28 AM
an amazing number of my friends use it, I haven't yet. I'm more the ravelry type

With 70 Million Users,

Posted by Sara Freedman at Jan 07, 2010 01:08 PM
FarmVille probably deserved its own shout-out.[…]/What-Does-Farmville-Mean-for-Farmers
Is there a sustainable farming app? Get Pollan on it.