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November 2 2010

Annie Chaplin Gets that Vote Out

Trick or Vote! Our Director of Client Strategy Karen Uffelman took a moment away from online engagement strategy to ring some doorbells.
Annie Chaplin Gets that Vote Out

Annie Chaplin and Disco Chimp. (Photo by Patrick Lennox Wright)

This is it! Election day is here and today we vote on 37 Senate seats and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives. It's been an angry, expensive, Tea Party mixer resulting in tight races all across the country coming down once again to voter turnout. So last weekend, our Director of Client Strategy, Karen Uffelman, took a moment away from online engagement strategy to ring some doorbells.

Hey! Cute picture. So for the uninitiated, what exactly is Trick or Vote?
Trick or Vote is an event sponsored by the Washington Bus, whose mission is to involve young people in democracy–full spectrum, hands-on democracy. Every Halloween, the Bus organizes hundreds of people for a costumed get-out-the-vote canvass focused on making sure thousands and thousands of young people get their ballots mailed on time.

Trick or Vote 2010 included simultaneous events running in Seattle, in Spokane and Vancouver, WA.

What inspired you to dress up like Annie Hall, errrr Charlie Chaplin, to help get out the vote?
I started the day as Charlie Chaplin because I love him.  Plus, this whole election could use some levity in my opinion and I thought invoking the spirit of Chaplin might help. My mustache kept falling off, however, and my hair wasn’t cooperating under my bowler hat, so everyone guessed I was Annie Hall. Do you think the real Annie Hall was going for the Chaplin look too, but suffered the same costume malfunctions?

How many doorbells did you ring?
My doorbelling partner (Alberto Mejia, dressed as a barbarian) and I knocked on 50 doors in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.

Over 400 costumed canvassers knocked on over 6,000 doors in a single day, talking to thousands of voters.

Any surprises out there?
This isn’t so surprising, but most people we talked to were really in the dark on initiatives. Although initiative campaigns have simple taglines (Stop tax hikes on food! End price gouging! Good for insurance companies, not for you!), most folks understand that there are a truckload of unknown (to the average voter) implications. 

Any last words?
Mail in your ballots, people!

Awesome Trick or Vote photo gallery!


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