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Cook Inletkeeper

Alaska's Cook Inlet stretches 180 miles from the Gulf of Alaska up to Anchorage. Cook Inletkeeper, based in Homer, Alaska, works to protect Cook Inlet, its watershed and all of the life it sustains.

How we helped Cook Inletkeeper do a more-than-skin-deep makeover on its website and CRM database.

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Cook Inletkeeper

A lot worth protecting.

There's a lot of life worth protecting: huge salmon runs, beluga whales, a vibrant fishing industry, hundreds of thousands of acres of unspoiled wilderness and communities of hardworking Alaskans. And, as you might expect, there are a lot of threats to Cook Inlet: reckless coal strip mining, the impacts of climate change, toxic waste from oil and gas drilling, and more.

Cook Inletkeeper has been working hard to keep Cook Inlet safe and sustainable since 1995, and while we've known the Inletkeeper team for a long while, only recently have we had the opportunity to really dive in deep with them. But it was worth the wait. In the space of a few short months, we helped Cook Inletkeeper:

  • Design and build a gorgeous new website with a fantastic "Weather and Tides" engagement superpower.
  • Deploy a brand new Salesforce relationship management database to replace their aging homebrewed Access member database.
  • Streamline their membership and donor management processes to fit the new world of combined online and offline fundraising.
  • Launch a new online donation feature that seamlessly integrates between Cook Inletkeeper's website, a new credit card merchant account and Salesforce.
  • Start a new email newsletter/broadcasting program, seamlessly integrated with their Salesforce CRM.

The net result: systems transformation. By helping Cook Inletkeeper think about its website, database, credit card processing and membership processes as connected elements in an integrated system, we were able to give them as set of powerful, flexible, fits-like-a-glove tools that meet all of their needs with headroom to grow.

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