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Resources from Our Google Analytics Knowledge Share

Resources from our Google Analytics Knowledge Share.
Resources from Our Google Analytics Knowledge Share

Yoder brings it.

Hey! So it was great to see so many of your shining faces on Tuesday here in our Groundwire office. We’re heads-down in the machines for a lot of our workday, so it’s always great to see staff and volunteers from the groups we work with, board members, the great folks who fund our work, and our fellow staff members who rarely surface from their offices…

Special thanks to guest speaker Sandra Cheng from Google. Get more information about applying for a Google Grant for AdWords here. (Please note that it can take quite a few months to get approval. So get on it.) Contact Groundwire strategy team member Chris McCullough ( if you need help getting started with AdWords.

Special thanks also to Libby Waldo, Senior Online Marketing Manager for Grist, who looks at her Google Analytics dashboard as much as she does her email. She spent time showing how she uses Google Analytics data every day to make decisions about her work at Grist, and also graciously workshopped a few of the audience's website analytics.

After many months, we are ready to launch Google Analytics for Plone, a brand new product from Groundwire Labs that pulls in Google Analytics information right to the page you are editing on your website. The smart and sexy Groundwire developer of this product, Matt Yoder, gave us a preview last night. Check out his presentation here, and contact David Averill, Director of Consulting Services ( to learn how you can get this new product for your Plone website.

Want even more? Some resources to help you get started.  Also, please contact Sam Knox, Support Manager (, if you interesting in learning more about how Groundwire can help you with Google Analytics.

•    Introducing Google Analytics: For those new to web analytics
•    The Groundwire Analytics Basic Worksheet: A worksheet to help you get started tracking your analytics
•    URL Builder: Tag links in outgoing email to help you track traffic coming from those emails
•    Google Analytics YouTube Channel
•    Google Analytics Online Tutorials

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