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2012 Connector Event

Our favorite event of the year! Read More

Speed Geek 2012

Join us at Groundwire HQ for happy hour and a round of Speed Geeking. Cocktail in hand, you'll move from station to station hearing what happens when Groundwire's technology is released into the wild. (Well, into the social change community.) Read More

Groundwire Knowledge Share: Social Media in 2012

YIKES! We have reached capacity for this event! We usually have some cancellations so if you would like to be on the wait-list to attend, please RSVP below and we will contact you by Monday, March 5th to let you know if there is room. Read More

Tour de Vance 2012: The Vance Building Open House

Our 5th Annual Open House! Floors and floors of food, drink and worthy causes. Come see us on the tenth floor! RSVP on Facebook! Read More

The Connector: Groundwire's Engagement Leadership Award

Join us as we present the 2011 Connector Award: Groundwire's Engagement Leadership Award. Featuring keynote speaker Rue Mapp of Outdoor Afro. Read More


The first-ever online giving challenge sponsored by The Seattle Foundation. Give big on June 23 and your donation will be stretched! Every dollar donated during GiveBIG will be eliigible for matching funds from The Seattle Foundation's $500,000 stretch pool. Read More

Groundwire's 2011 Speed Geek Happy Hour

Join us at Groundwire HQ for happy hour and a quick round of Speed Geeking. You'll have the chance to move around to eight different stations o' technology and see how real-life staff members from the environmental community are effectively using online tools and strategies. Read More

"Managing Carbon to Benefit Your Bottom Line" Forum

"Managing carbon to benefit your bottom line” is a forum hosted by The Climate Registry. This conference will bring together state and provincial government officials, business leaders, environmental groups, local governments, academics and interested stakeholders to share insights and experiences in building a clean energy economy. Read More

Environmental Lobby Day, Washington State: 2011

Join hundreds of pro-environment friends and groups for Environmental Lobby Day. Your legislators in Olympia need to hear from you about the importance of making smart decisions that even in these hard times will protect our public health, economic future, and quality of life in Washington. They need to hear first-hand that the people of Washington care about having clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and a safe environment for ourselves and our children. Join us on February 15th and make your voice heard. Read More

2011 Legislative Workshop, Washington State

This annual event is your opportunity to be involved as the state’s leading conservation groups prepare for the upcoming legislative session. You’ll hear from legislators, environmental lobbyists, and others regarding the community's Environmental Priorities. Read More

The State of The Future

An evening lecture in which Worldchanging Executive Editor Alex Steffen returns to Town Hall to present his new ideas about global sustainability and planetary futurism, which have grown from over seven years of research on global solutions and twenty years of environmental journalism. Alex is a recognized global thought-leader in the field of sustainability; he is a featured speaker on TED talks and author of the best-selling book "Worldchanging: A Users Guide to the 21st Century," which has a forward by Al Gore. Read More

Groundwire's 15th Anniversary Party

We are turning 15, and are having a grand party to celebrate! Read More

Next Steps for the Climate Movement- Virtual Town Hall

The climate crisis isn't going away. And neither can we. It is getting worse, so we have to redouble our efforts. Repower America is already planning the next phase of work. Join the conversation on how best to move forward. Al Gore will be taking questions, submit online. Read More

Groundwire Knowledge Share: Google Analytics 101

Is your website doing what you want it to? How do you know? Are people getting to the pages you care about? Have you thought about what action you want people to take from your most popular pages? And are you measuring that action? Do you need help setting up goals on Google Analytics? We are digging in. Read More

Social Media Research for the Real World

This seminar is based on Idealware's extensive research into social media. They'll cover what's actually working for nonprofits -- and the strength and weaknesses of social media tools. How do you work through all the possibilities, hype, and data to decide which channels actually make sense for your organization? This seminar can help! Read More

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