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Groundwire's DIY Engagement Benchmarking Survey

Ever wondered exactly what it takes to be an engaging organization? Or wish someone would come into your organization, give you the once-over, and tell you in layman's terms where you're excelling and where you need work? Our ten question benchmarking survey can help you get started. The survey is 100% anonymous, but you will get an invitation to join an online community of practice around engagement. Which will be awesome -- but if you're not interested, feel free to skip the invitation. For the following ten questions, please select the answer that best describes your organization.

Theory of Change

1. Our work is rooted in strategic communications and campaign plans that clearly connect our day-to-day activities with our intended long-term outcomes - we have a clear theory of change.


2. Our website does a good job of providing value to visitors and engaging them in achieving our mission.


3. We use email effectively to communicate with and engage our constituents.

Action Opportunities

4. We offer our supporters action opportunities that are effective and engaging.

Engagement Tracking

5. We have clear paths for tracking and engaging people who want to get more involved in our work.

Accomplishment Tracking

6. We have the ability to effectively track our programmatic accomplishments.

Operational Documentation

7. Our key processes, relationships, and logins are documented.

Use of Analytics

8. We are regularly using analytics data (e.g. website, social media and email stats) to guide our online work.

Online/Offline Coordination

9. Our online and offline communications and organizing efforts for organizing, policy and fundraising are well coordinated.

Social Media

10. We make effective use of social media channels to engage our constituents.

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