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Volunteers for Salesforce

Technical Requirements:
  • Salesforce
Developed by:
  • Groundwire
  • Add-on Product

Use Volunteers for Salesforce to manage your organization’s volunteer events and individuals.

Volunteers for Salesforce provides the tools to manage all your volunteer needs.  You are able to track who your volunteers are and the hours they have worked, all of your volunteer jobs, both ongoing, and for a specific event, and shifts for specific jobs.  Volunteers for Salesforce also provides several Sites pages that you can host in your website to allow people to tell you they want to be a volunteer, or to actually signup for a specific job (and shift).

Top Features

  • Manage volunteers and their volunteer hours
  • Manage volunteer jobs and optional shifts
  • Allow volunteer and job signup on your website


The app is designed to work well for most organization's volunteer programs. Check out the following feature list to determine whether it will work well for you.

  • Tracking the volunteer jobs that an organization needs filled.
  • Tracking all the hours a volunteer works.
  • Tracking hours against specific volunteer shifts, if desired.
  • Tracking all the volunteer hours and jobs for a specific event, or as ongoing needs that are not directly tied to a single event.
  • Signing up to be a volunteer on a website.
  • Listing available jobs, and optionally shifts, on a website, and allowing signup.
  • Language localization support, and includes French translation.
  • Helping to match volunteers to available jobs by skills and availability.
  • Mass Email Volunteers, makes it easy to email all the volunteers on a specific job or shift.
  • Displaying custom fields using Fieldsets on the following pages:
    • Volunteers Sign Up
    • Volunteers Job Listing
    • Volunteers Wizard
    • Mass Edit Volunteer Hours


See the app in action in this video:


Last night we had more than 100 volunteers who helped us deliver on our promise of elementary-age "math like you've never seen it before." Having Volunteers for Salesforce was a big step in the right direction for our small non-profit. So thanks again!  C. Ryan, Explorations in Math


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