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Oregon Environmental Council

As part of the National Eco-Healthy Child Care Initiative, our web developers integrated OEC's website and database so childcare facilities get the information they need to apply for eco-healthy certification. Parents and caretakers can also search the site and locate endorsed Eco-Healthy Child Care anywhere in the nation. The Eco-Healthy Child Care program now certifies 1,100 childcare facilities serving nearly 47,000 children around the country.

OEC works to bring Oregonians together to solve environmental problems. Current programs focus on protecting kids from toxic pollution, cleaning up Oregon's rivers, and protecting our climate by curbing vehicle pollution.

The Challenge

OEC has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last three years, with expanding programs, bigger goals, and smart, ambitious new staff. Their Eco-Healthy Childcare Initiative, a complex certification program, received funding to go national. This presented a huge scalability problem as the program included online sign-ups, direct mail, email follow-ups, and was all managed in a clunky MS Access database. OEC's website - although functional - needed updated architecture and a new look. OEC staff were also gearing up for a big push in 2009 to pass legislation protecting kids from toxins in consumer products and in public schools, and wanted to expand their organizing efforts beyond their usual base of support.

Our Solution

With Groundwire's help, OEC was able to seamlessly integrate all of the business processes for their Eco-Healthy Childcare Initiative into a single, almost completely automated campaign via Salesforce, including a timed email campaign to retain new childcare provider prospects in OEC's "funnel of engagement."  These innovations have saved OEC a huge amount of staff time, and the Eco-Healthy Childcare program now certifies 530 childcare facilities serving nearly 20,000 children around the country.

Working with OEC Communications Director Jeremy Graybill, Groundwire implemented architectural and design updates to OEC's website so that it now truly reflects the professionalism of the organization and provides more valuable content to OEC's constituents. OEC has had more than 1,800% growth in web traffic over the last three years, from 600 unique visitors/month to 11,000/month in 2008.

Finally, the Groundwire strategy team worked with OEC staff to incorporate engagement activities in their overall legislative campaign plan to protect kids from toxins. We helped OEC target the legislative districts where they needed to build more power, determine the key audiences for their campaign messages, and develop relationship-building focus for all of their outreach work. The legislative session hasn't yet begun, but OEC's communication and organizing staff are already in full-swing, reaching out to a growing base with this broad appeal issue.

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