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A Case Study of Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are an automated series of emails, allowing for automatic opt-in based on triggers, and do not require any ongoing maintenance once launched. This is the story of how Groundwire is using this concept to power our web support email series.

The term "drip campaign" refers to the concept of an automated multi-step email campaign - the sort that you set up in advance, push go, and watch the results. Each "drip" is a single step within the campaign. A drip campaign requires no maintenance once it is underway, which is one reason why the idea is so attractive.

Here at Groundwire we've recently launched our own drip campaign in the form of a series of 24 emails designed to help our clients learn more about Plone and managing their websites. We wanted to be able to completely automate the sending of these emails, and the process for adding new clients to the campaign. All of this is now possible thanks to the power of the Salesforce database system and an integration with our Plone-powered website.

In order to provide a clear understanding what this looks like in practice, here are the elements of our drip campaign:

  • The content for all 24 emails had to be written in advance of the launch of the drip campaign
  • We decided on a frequency of once a week for this campaign, also set up in advance
  • After launching the campaign, we can still edit the content of each template, but cannot change the frequency or day of the week the emails go out
  • Folks are added to the beginning of the campaign when they log into their website more than once
  • Each week a new email goes out to each group in the campaign (i.e. folks at the beginning get email #1, folks in week two get email #2 and so on). Over time this means that in a given week there will be 24 discreet email templates going out - one for each stage of the campaign
  • Recipients of the campaign may unsubscribe at any time
  • Included in each email is a link for "Was this helpful, yes or no"
  • Responses are recorded back to Salesforce via a web form on our website
  • The goal of this campaign is to better educate our clients about Plone and website maintenance, and collect feedback to improve our support services

While our specific use case (series of support emails) may not be applicable for most of our clients, the concept of a drip campaign is. Drip campaigns are the perfect tool for supporting an engagement campaign in which certain actions that a recipient takes will move them into the next round of email.


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