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Sites for quality low-cost images

A picture is worth a thousand words and thanks to many low cost and free photo websites building a library may cost you only pennies. Here are some great websites to scour if you can’t seem to find that iconic flower-growing-out-of-your-hand image you need for your website.

A picture is worth a thousand words and thanks to many low-cost and free photo websites finding images for your site may only cost you pennies. Here are some great websites to scour if you want to find the perfect image for your website.

Keep in mind you always have to make sure you read the copyright information to ensure you are using the image as allowed by the copyright owner.We also suggest you make a note of where you got the image and what the licensing restrictions were when you upload it to your site (in Plone you can add this information to your image description).

If all else fails, just take some pictures yourself! You can get a lot of mileage out of carting a digital camera around with you. Best of all, you own the rights to your own photographs and no one else will have used them first.


A large and inexpensive stock photo library.

Flickr's Creative Commons pool

Flickr is photos and they have a great listing of photos that have the creative commons license attached to them.

Stock Xchng

A favorite around Groundwire. They have both free and low cost photos available.


An easy to use site full of free images, submitted by a community of amateur photographers. This one has been recommended by our clients.

Openphoto has a great assortment of photos and has the items tagged so it is easier to find an image by subject.

Rhizome Images

An exclusive collection driven by images of positive, negative, and alternative green concepts, the archive includes rights-managed and royalty-free images of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, mining and general power images along with landscapes, architectural and botanicals images to name a few. A dynamic alternative to traditional big-box image libraries, the collection now holds more than 1,000 images.

ELATED ImageKits

These are images you can download for free to help you build your website. They include buttons, bars, animations, stock photos and more - all created by the Elated team.


Photoshare is a service of The INFO Project helping international non-profits communicate health and development issues through photography. Images are for non-profit educational use. Their online photo database currently contains more than 13,000 cataloged images shared by colleagues around the world for documentary use.


Mondolibrary is a quality image library, tailored to the needs of United Nations agencies, civil society organizations and public interest communicators, where you can find and download issue-relevant photos for your website or publications. Becoming a member is free.

At you can find a large variety of royalty-free stock images.

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