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Google Analytics Basic Worksheet

Download this worksheet to help you get started tracking and understanding your web analytics.

This document will help you pick out some useful data to begin tracking with Google Analytics. The assumption is that you are interested in tracking web traffic trends over time. Other types of analysis are possible with Google Analytics (i.e. information architecture), but are not covered in this worksheet. We’ve also included some pointers on how to interpret the data you are tracking.

Download the Worksheet here (MS Word)

Remember, a big part of really making web analytics work for you is to set clear goals and then decide upon specific metrics to track those goals. The specifics of how to craft goals and tracking schemes are not covered in this document, but Groundwire does offer consulting in this area.

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Posted by Salaam Urban Village Association at Sep 09, 2010 04:49 PM
Excellent basics on reading the Google Analytics data! Map Overlay by City is one of our most favorite pages. Because we found your info very useful, we've posted your link on our Facebook fanpage. Thanks for the info!