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Plone 3 Quick Start Tutorial

Here are the tasks you need to learn first in order to be effective in Plone
Getting Started
The first step in using Plone is to login
The Plone Interface
Learn how to navigate around a Plone-powered website and learn about the different pieces of the Plone interface.
Editing a Page
Learn how to edit an existing page in Plone.
Editing the Body Text
Learn what all the icons in your visual editor do.
Create Links
Learn how to create links to pages in your site, to other websites, and to send email.
Insert Images
Learn how to insert an image onto a page.
Upload Images and Files
Learn how to upload images and files to your Plone site.
Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, and Reorder Content
Learn the functions of the Contents tab to help manage your content
Adding Pages and Folders
If you feel comfortable editing existing pages, try adding a new page to your site. You may want to create a new folder as well or change the way a folder displays content.
Rename Content
Learn the proper way to rename existing content items.
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