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  • Idaho Conservation League works the Engagement Pyramid We love engagement pyramids and we love Idaho. We love engagement pyramids in Idaho. We super-love Idaho Conservation League whose staff have been busy using an engagement pyramid that we helped them develop earlier this year.No publisherkuffelmanNext Generation OrganizingListen to Your Mother (Earth)Engagement TechnologiesDatabase2010-11-22T17:57:51ZBlog EntryOur First Groundwire Labs Salon Last week we held our first Groundwire Labs salon at Groundwire HQ in Seattle. About 30 smarty-pants came together with our staff to help us think about, and set, priorities for the civic engagement technology work we do in Groundwire Labs.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingGroundwire LabsEngagement Technologies2010-11-29T17:34:39ZBlog EntryAnnie Chaplin Gets that Vote Out Trick or Vote! Our Director of Client Strategy Karen Uffelman took a moment away from online engagement strategy to ring some doorbells.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingRally2010-11-02T20:25:21ZBlog EntryMatch Factory: Match your email list and Facebook Fans A quick follow-up to last week's blog post on purchasing social media data: Jesse Haff and Jim Gilliam of 3dna (the guys behind the Twitter petition tool just released Match Factory, a tool that matches the email addresses in your database to their corresponding Facebook accounts.No publisherchrismNext Generation OrganizingEmail & Social MediaDatabase2010-11-02T22:42:20ZBlog EntryFacebook Places: 8 Things to Think About Facebook Places is coming to a Facebook near you. What that means for you and potentially your social change organization.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingEmail & Social Media2010-08-20T00:37:20ZBlog EntryComing Soon: New Volunteer Management Tool for Salesforce Groundwire Labs, our innovation engine for engagement technology, is honored to receive a $20,000 grant from the Salesforce foundation to build a volunteer management module.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingRelationship BuildingGroundwire LabsDatabase2010-11-01T17:32:09ZBlog Entry10 Fun Ways to Reconnect with Your Mother This Summer. 10 Fun Ways to Reconnect with Your Mother This Summer. (And by Mother, we mean Earth. And by Earth, we mean that big round thing that supports your existence. And by Summer, we mean right now.)No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingListen to Your Mother (Earth)Relationship Building2010-08-01T20:22:29ZBlog EntryWhat Is Your Engagement Superpower? When we talk about value proposition at Groundwire, what we are really asking is, What is your superpower? No publisherkuffelmanNext Generation OrganizingRelationship Building2010-11-02T22:54:52ZBlog Entry10 Take-Aways from SXSW Interactive 2010 Geolocation, content strategy, apps, Twitter, downloadable web fonts and more coupled with a reverence for authenticity and community. Our favorite take-aways from SXSW Interactive 2010.No publishersfreedmanWebsiteContent is KingEmail & Social MediaNext Generation OrganizingListen to Your Mother (Earth)2010-03-22T16:48:37ZBlog EntrySave Winter with Team Polar Bear Our friends at Dogwood Initiative took advantage of the warm winter and lack of snow at this year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver by launching their Save Winter campaign.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingListen to Your Mother (Earth)Email & Social Media2010-11-02T23:10:03ZBlog EntryThe Engagement Pyramid: Six Levels of Connecting People and Social Change Civic engagement can mean a lot of different things – from the casual forwarding of a friend’s email to deep involvement on a board of directors. The most effective social change organizations understand how to wield their portfolio of engagement tactics in Zen-like fashion; knowing just what kind of touch is called for to influence the outcomes of a particular decision.No publishergideonrNext Generation OrganizingRelationship Building2010-11-16T17:46:57ZBlog EntrySafe Bottles for the Babies: Q & A with Washington Toxics Coalition Climate, Haiti, health care, filibuster, Afghanistan -- just keeping up on everything while taking care of your own day-to-day routine (oh yeah, that) can seem like two full-time jobs. Add on toxic chemicals in baby bottles and sippy cups (like, really?) and that sustainable fortress in the woods is sounding better and better. Luckily, in Washington state, we have many groups looking out for our best interests -- organizing and mobilizing and pressuring the powers that be to get all Spike Lee and do the right thing.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation Organizing2010-11-02T23:16:19ZBlog EntryGo Get All Schoolhouse Rock On Yourself If you live in Washington State, join hundreds of citizen lobbyists to push for the passage of the Environmental Priorities Coalition’s 2010 legislative priorities.No publishersfreedmanNext Generation OrganizingListen to Your Mother (Earth)2010-01-21T19:35:33ZBlog EntryHow Social Change Groups Can Influence Media Policy In the face of ongoing mis-measuring and misreporting of economic and environmental reality, how can advocates of social change move their agendas forward? One constructive step might be to reach out to people and groups who are working on the issues of media policy. No publishersfreedmanNext Generation Organizing2010-01-07T19:05:17ZBlog EntryWeb of Change 2009: A Recap In September, Drew Bernard and I spent five days immersed at Hollyhock, Cortes Island, for Web of Change 2009. While it’s true we spent a bit of time gazing into eyes, finding our inner woo woo, and sharing feelings, we also spent a ton of time learning from each other best practices from our daily work of changing the world.No publishershawnkNext Generation OrganizingRelationship BuildingEngagement TechnologiesDatabase2009-11-24T00:32:40ZBlog Entry