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Email Broadcasting Services

Groundwire can set you up with email broadcasting services (email blasting) from several different providers including VerticalResponse, ExactTarget, ConstantContact, and others.

How We Can Help You

Whether you're an experienced email broadcaster, are just learning the ropes, or want to make a quantum leap to a new level of email marketing savvy, Groundwire can meet you where you're at.

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For just about any email broadcasting platform, we offer:

  • Email template design
  • Salesforce integration
  • Training
  • Subscriber import/export
  • Migration from one service provider to another
  • List de-duplication
  • Email strategy consulting

An "entry level" email broadcasting project with Groundwire usually starts with template design and training, and costs typically range from $750 - $1500. More advanced projects that include more elements can be upward of $5000 or more depending on your needs.

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Vertical Response

VerticalResponse is one of the most popular email service providers among non-profit organizations.  It's simple, has decent integration with, and best of all, it offers 10,000 emails per month free to nonprofits

For a small to medium sized organization doing a monthly email newsletter or action alerts this is a great choice for you.

Subscriber Management Details

The key limitation with VerticalResponse is that all list unsusbscribes are global, and as a result, it's only appropriate for groups with a single email list. You can still run multiple lists, and allow subscribers to choose which one(s) they want to be on, but once they unsubscribe you cannot mail to them anymore. In addition, VerticalResponse user accounts are tied to specific individuals, and as a result, it can become hard to manage in a organization where multiple people are working on email broadcasts.  (Steve Andersen offers a more in-depth rundown of these limitations.)

Larger organizations with more than one email list or multiple senders may want to consider more powerful options such as ExactTarget or PredictiveResponse.


Reseller Program

Currently, Groundwire is a reseller of three powerful email broadcasting tools: PredictiveResponse, ExactTarget and WhatCounts. If you are interested in our reseller program, please contact us to talk specifics.


PredictiveResponse is a fantastic email platform for users of Salesforce. The service was created specifically to work in Salesforce and in fact you must be using Salesforce in order to use PredictiveResponse. 

A major strength of PredictiveResponse is what they call their Adaptive Mailer. Let's say that you send an email and wish to send a follow up to those who clicked a link, and a different follow up for those who didn't. The Adaptive Mailer was built to automate just that sort of workflow. So what this really means is that you must think through what your email campaign strategy is in detail, which is directly in line with our theory of engagement. Very cool!

Other key features of PredictiveResponse are:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Profile management (subscription management)
  • Website landing pages and activity can be tracked and scored (conversion tracking)
  • Granular email statistics are not stored in Salesforce. This is a benefit due to the known data storage issues with many other email integrations.
  • Instead, you make use of a lead or contact "score" to determine the level of engagement with your email program.
  • If you want to see specific details on who clicked on a link in one of your emails and so on, you can see that information in the PredictiveResponse interface.

Groundwire is a PredictiveResponse reseller. The price depends mainly on your email send volume. Here's an example price point: A monthly send volume of 50,000 costs about $450 per month.


We feel that PredictiveResponse is a good fit for clients who need automation like drip campaigns, the features of the Adaptive Mailer, and profile management but who do not need dynamic content features. Contact us if you are interested in PredictiveResponse.



ExactTarget is a high-end email broadcasting solution that is targeted at organizations that need a powerful, flexible platform.  It has a best-of-breed integration with, offers a wide range of advanced email broadcasting features, and solid usability. ExactTarget is offered in two different tiers (Core and Advanced) and you can buy add-on features for each tier. This means you can tailor ExactTarget to meet your specific needs. ExactTarget is our recommendation for groups that have outgrown the capabilities of Vertical Response or similar systems.

ExactTarget might be a good fit for you if you:

  • want to run multiple lists, with the ability for a subscriber to opt-out of each list individually
  • want to dynamically populate your email content based on subscriber data
  • want to integrate both subscriber lists and user actions with Salesforce
  • want to have multiple users running your email campaigns
  • want to use advanced features such as drip campaigns, email-integrated surveys and SMS text messaging

Groundwire is an ExactTarget reseller, and as such, is able to offer their services at a rate substantially below their retail pricing.  Price starts at $200/month. 
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WhatCounts' features and price level both fall somewhere in between VerticalResponse and ExactTarget. WhatCounts' feature set is fairly advanced and its pricing is moderate, starting at $30/mo for up to 5,000 sends.  Like ExactTarget, WhatCounts assumes a solid understanding of email broadcasting fundamentals. However, WhatCounts' user interface is a bit rough in spots; in particular, its graphical HTML editor is not as polished as its peers, which is important to many less-technical users.

WhatCounts' Salesforce integration is pretty basic. It is more challening to set up than either VerticalResponse's or ExactTarget's, doesn't include all of the capabilites of ExactTarget's, and has evolved little over the past two years since it was introduced.

We've found that the best fit for WhatCounts are technically proficient online magazines such as YES! Magazine, High Country News and Sightline Daily -- organizations that have several large lists, do frequent sends (more than once per week) and need fairly sophisticated broadcasting features yet don't need sophisticated CRM database integration.  For these groups, WhatCounts offers a great mix of powerful features and affordable cost.

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