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Support Packages

Groundwire offers three levels of ongoing support to our clients. Each level is designed to provide an appropriate level of support to an organization as it innovates on new and exciting ways to connect individuals with a broader, stronger environmental movement.

Core Support - $2,500/yr

For our clients who are basic users of Groundwire's solutions and expect to need occasional ongoing support, minor system changes, refresher training or advice. Core support is appropriate for smaller organizations whose technology and strategy needs are not changing quickly. Core support includes up to 16 support instances.

Advanced Support - $4,750/yr (save 5%)

For organizations who are growing and/or rapidly evolving their program work and need ongoing integration planning, implementation and technical support to be successful. Advanced support is appropriate for growing mid-sized organizations who are digging deep into new technology and need strong post-project support to adopt new tools and business practices. Advanced support includes up to 32 support instances.

Full engagement Support - $9,000/YR (save 10%)

For our larger clients who have fully integrated solutions and require a technology partner to be at their side every step of the way. This package includes a generous amount of strategy consulting, ongoing training and technical implementation resources to support active campaigns and ambitious engagement strategies. Full engagement support includes up to 64 support instances.

What exactly is a "support instance"?

One support instance equals about an hour of our time providing support. We won't charge you a support instance if your request takes less than 15 minutes. We don't say an instance is exactly and hour because sometimes we will take longer and sometimes it will take a little less. On average it will equal about an hour of our time. We think this is a great way of tracking how much support you use in a year.

For more information please contact David Averill, Director of Consulting or complete our inquiry form.

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