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Technology Planning

So you know you want to strengthen your organization’s online communication strategy, but you’re not sure where to invest your time and money? The best thing to do is sit down with a trusted consultant (Hey! That’s us), tell us where you think you want to go, and together we'll get a sense of what’s possible.

Welcome to Technology Planning with Groundwire.

Technology Planning is designed to give your organization a series of online engagement recommendations you can take to your board or funders to secure the budget you need.

Here’s how we roll it:

1)    We review your current audiences and objectives for those audiences.
2)    We do a top-level discovery of your current strategy, web, email and database systems for engaging your online audiences.
3)    We review your strategic planning.
4)    We meet with you in person to discuss the latest technology and possibilities for online engagement with your audiences. 
5)    We provide recommendations, estimated costs and sample proposal language for services that will lead to a complete online engagement platform for your organization.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact David Averill, Director of Consulting Services, to get started.

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