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Plone Form Gen

Documentation for the Plone product, PloneFormGen


PloneFormGen is an add-on product for Plone that allows you to create custom web forms easily. You can create forms that email results to someone, or that can store results on your website that you can later download.

This tutorial will cover many of the features of PloneFormGen, but will not delve into the more complex topics that require knowledge of computer programming languages. Additional documentation about this product can be found at Plone.Org


Table of Contents:
Building the Form

  1. Getting Started
  2. Form Folder Settings
  3. Overview of Field Types
  4. Adding a String Field
  5. Changing the Order of Fields
  6. Text Area Field
  7. Selection Field and Multi Select
  8. The Thank You Page

Mailing / Storing the Data:

  1. The Mailer Adapter
  2. The Save Data Adapter


Once you've read through all the sections you should be well on your way to creating powerful new web forms to use on your Plone-powered website.

Note: This tutorial assumes you already have PloneFormGen installed and ready to use on your Plone-powered website. If you wish to inquire about using this feature on your website, please contact us.



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